The Bible is full of stories of people who were called to do things – they really didn’t feel qualified to do. What’s a cup bearer like Nehemiah know about building walls? What’s a man like Noah who’s never seen rain know about boats? One of my favorite unlikely heroes was Gideon – farmer turned warrior and Judge. He’s on a threshing floor and the Angel of the Lord says, “behold mighty man of valor” – and Gideon reacts with disbelief – sort of a “you can’t be talking to me, I think you have the wrong guy”. Gideon then proceeds to ask the Lord for several signs “that it is really you talking to me.” Haven’t we all been there? Read it for yourself in Judges 6.

I can relate to these people, especially Gideon. They are living their lives, earning a living, raising families, and God presents them with an opportunity or an “ask”. They aren’t professional ministers – they are lay people – and God says will you “do” this for me?

What’s the “do” for you today? God has been calling on unlikely heroes since the dawn of time – and he’s calling on them today. Are you looking around to see if he’s talking to someone else?

Let me encourage you with Ephesians 2:10, “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God has prepared in advance for us to do.”

Our Savior, is not throwing you haphazardly into situations – he’s deliberate and purposeful, and because he loves you and has only your best interest at heart, He’s prepared you in advance for everything you encounter. I think we can go a step further, you aren’t just prepared by your experiences but through the Word of God, “you’re thoroughly equipped unto works of righteousness.” II Tim 3:16.

So what’s this mean for our lives in 21st Century America?

When a friend says, “I have a lump in my breast.” You can know that’s a situation God’s prepared you in advance for so you can do good works, speak life, and encourage your friend.

When your God asks you to confront the culture – in any circumstance– you can know this situation is one God’s prepared you in advance for and offered you the counsel of his Word so that you speak wisely and act soundly.

When your boss or work environment provides you with an exceptionally challenging project – you have confidence in making the right decision.

Let me leave you with this thought – our God is not a selfish God. The thing he asks you to “do” for Him is really more about what he wants to do for you. Keep reading Gideon’s story and you’ll see a man transition from threshing wheat in hiding to leading his people in victory. The people of Israel go from living in caves and hiding in the hills from their enemies to 40 years of peace.

Embrace the “do” God has for you, you can trust Him with any “ask” he makes of you.

Now that’s what I called Revived Encouraged and Valued – thanks for letting me share a little REVelation for the day.